6 Places To Visit in Germany

Holiday Accommodation in GermanyYou can read all of the Germany travel guides but they all recommend different places to visit but the guide may not always help. There are numerous famous places that are worth visiting after you book your holiday accommodation in Germany.

Whether it’s historic or modern culture, Germany is sure to never disappoint its tourists. From entertainment to adventure, Germany is well set to ensure you come back and visit time and time again. 

1) Cologne Cathedral

Located at the banks of River Rhine, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany is alleged to be the most visited tourist attraction of Germany. The cathedral is over 600 year old and has magnificent architecture to see, reflecting Gothic style. The Shrine of the Three Magi, the most sacred place of the cathedral, is a brilliantly coated tomb. It is believed by locals that the remains of the Three Wise Men are kept here. To gain access to the cathedral you must climb 500 steps, if you want to reach the summit of the south tower. When you eventually arrive, you will see the most spectacular panoramic view of the city.

2) Neuschwanstein

Built by King Ludwig II, this world famous castle proudly stands adjacent to the fantastic setting of the Alps in the southern part of Bavaria. Neuschwanstein happens to the be the most well regarded fairytale castle and is frequently visited by many tourists in Germany. Neuschwanstein was designed during the medieval periodand the most fascinating fact is that this castle inspired Sir Walt Disney to base his magic kingdom on this, and the ever so popular Disney Castle was built on this spectacular Bavarian sight.

3) Heidelberg Castle

Located in south-western Germany, a visit to this very charming city of Heidelberg really should not be missed. This castle ranks among many of the most fantastic attractions of the world and also within Germany. Heidelberg which, houses Heidelberg Castle is beautiful. The castle stands proud in the heart of a medieval castle complex. The picturesque quaint town is stunning.

4) Checkpoint Charlie

Established in 1962, Checkpoint Charlie was a border crossing point. The most popular attraction about this place is the „Haus am Checkpoint Charlie“ Museum, which accommodates the history of the Berlin Wall and the partition of the city exhibition. All of the original artifacts that were used historically, are showcased in the museum.

5) Saxony Switzerland

One of the most visited places of Germany is The Saxon Switzerland National Park. Here, the beauty of the place and its scenery will steal your heart and imagination. Do not forget to take your camera, there are magnificent views of the rock needles, cliffs and deep gorges which make a perfect picture photo.

6) Black Forest

Known as Schwarzwald in Germany, The Black Forest is said to be the most popular tourist attraction located located in south west of Germany. There are amazing views of dense forests, mountains and waterfall – don’t forget your camera.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

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