Buying Real Estate, Questions To Ask A Seller Over The Phone

When interested in investing in real estate one important thing is getting information over the phone. If you ask the right questions you will save a lot of time. The reason this will save a lot of time is if you ask the right questions you will know if the property is what you are looking for. One question to ask is how much equity is in the home. If the house is paid off in full the seller might do an unconventional deal with you, like seller finance. This is when you write a promissory note and pay the seller over time.

The time does not have to be a long time; you can pay the seller over five years and after the five years the seller will get a balloon payment for the rest. For the five years you will pay the seller the rate you will pay if you are going to pay off the promissory note in thirty years. After five years you get a mortgage and pay the rest of the promissory note off. Another thing you can ask over the phone is if the mortgage is assumable. If the mortgage is assumable and the seller has a little equity you can take out a loan for a little more than the equity and pay that to the seller and assume the mortgage. When you do this make sure you can pay for the loan and the mortgage.

One last thing you can ask over the phone is the size of the property and if the property has any special qualities. By asking this you will find out how much bedrooms the property has, you will also find out if any thing comes with the property. Talking to a seller over the phone can make you nervous the first few times. One thing you can do is have a list of things to ask. Getting the right information over the phone from a seller may not be an easy thing but if done right it can save you time and money. If you use the information you read here it can make the process of getting the right information over the phone a bit easier.

A good web site where you can see more information on topics like this is Buying Real Estate, What Questions To Ask Over The Phone which is highly recommended. Another article witch is also recommended is Buying Real Estate, The Things You Should Avoid Thank you and enjoy.

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