How to Motivate a Seller

26 May 2006 :- The most important principles of real estate negotiation are to learn why the seller is selling. The important thing is that the seller’s motivations for every aspect of the process and why he wants the price he is asking, what’s important to him when making decisions, and more.

You want to show such a seller the advantages of your offer. If he is more motivated to avoid stress than by positive goals, in this case, you would want to make the process as easy as you can for the seller. In your real estate negotiations, gather any information you can on the seller’s motivations, then decide how to use this information. Use a seller’s own motivators, and even their own words. If they say „I understand“ a lot, then start a statement with „I think you understand why…“

It is even easier if you learn that a buyer of your house wants to be able to tell his friends what a great price he got, push hard on every other area. Get the terms you want, have him pay all the closing costs, etc. Take the attitude that if he’ll give you what you want, he’ll get what he wants.

Negotiating is hard in all areas, but let him „win“ the concessions he wants from you, and downplay what you have won. You’ll both be happier in the end. There are many important principles involved in real estate negotiation, but you can’t go wrong starting with an understanding of a seller’s motivations.

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