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In order to increase sales and answer questions it is a good idea for Sacramento Sacramento Luxury Real Estate agents to know the general history of a state or city. And of course, to best understand Sacramento, we must begin with California itself.

Spanish navigator, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542 spotted California for the very first time as a white European. Sacramento Luxury Homes Real Estate agents should be aware of the basic historical facts such as the date the first Spanish mission was established in San Diego – 1769. California finally became a territory of the United States in 1847 only after Mexico lost a war to the U.S…

Nevertheless, it was not until the great California Gold Rush that mass migrations of settlers came to the western state. Sacramento was instrumental in California’s early years as a major distribution point, commercial center, agricultural center, and a terminus for stage coaches, trains, riverboats, etc. And it was in 1964 that California became the most populous state, whipping New York. The west was largely settled because of what California had going for it and the numerous opportunities for many immigrants from Asia or the East Coast.

Sacramento Luxury Homes | Sacramento Luxury Real Estate agents should recognize California’s leading industries. California’s abundant natural resources include petroleum, cement, timber and natural gas. Agriculture, biotechnology, manufacturing, aerospace, defense and tourism are California’s main industries.

Indeed, manufacturing in California is based on transportation equipment, machinery and electronic equipment, including computer hardware and computer software. California has many special places to visit such as Disneyland, Hollywood, Sequoia National Park, and Yosemite National Park. It’s also important to note that as of the year 2005, California has a population of well over 36 million residents with Los Angeles and suburbs having about ten million residents.

Sacramento, of course, is the capitol of California and is located in California’s central valley. Sacramento is the seventh largest city in California. Sacramento Luxury Homes | Sacramento Luxury Real Estate is doing very well, even today. Many well known publications such as Time magazine call Sacramento one of the ‘most livable cities.‘ Of course Indians like the Valley Miwok, Maidu and Shonommey Indians thought it was good land too and lived in this area for probably thousands of years. It was not until 1806 or about 1808 that the Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga found Sacramento and named the valley and river after the Spanish word for sacrament.

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