The Real Estate Virtual Tour

Why Virtual Tour is famous in Real Estate?

Virtual Tour is famous in Real Estate because clients don’t have to leave home to have a glimpse of the property they are rooting for. This is especially if the client is still in the phase of choosing the right home to buy. It is not practical for them to go and visit each houses to help them decide. Client who lives overseas find it beneficial as well.  They can already decide if the certain property is right for them or not after the virtual tour.

On the part of the realtor, virtual tour is cost efficient and time saving because having it in their website is like bringing each client to the house of their choice even if the realtor is sleeping or doing other business.

What is Virtual Tour?

There are two types of virtual tour. One is interactive floor plans and the other one is a more sophisticated one.

Interactive Floor Plans – this virtual tour shows images of the property with the help of arrows and a floor plan to show where each images was captured. By clicking on the arrows, the user will be directed to the position of the camera and which direction it was pointing.

Sophisticated Virtual Tour – is like a full service virtual tour which the expert photographers created. These photographers visit the property which was being sold and take some photos and run them in software.

Example of Sophisticated Virtual Tour:

Benefits of Virtual Tour for Realtors

Virtual Tour is a great real estate marketing tool that you can add in your website. Now that competition is tough online, you need to exert extra effort to be in front of your audience all the time and offer them a great service they could have not exchange for any other realtors. Aside from the benefits mentioned above, here are some more.

  1. Reach more buyers. Virtual tours can help you get more listings and increase sales rate. This is because buyers can decide right away. This online tour helps them to see all the angles they want to see and not just what the realtor wants them to see in a few selected photos. Virtual tour can convince the buyer and answer their questions on the spot.
  2. Help you target real audience. The process of real estate buying and selling can be time consuming and you don’t want to waste your time on audience who are not qualified and just want to visit the house. With an eye-catching virtual tour, you can assure that the audiences who reach out to you are qualified because they’ve seen it all and ready to take the final step. Whereas the non-qualified buyers are already entertained with the tours and feel like they are already there. Watching the 360 full color panoramas will give them the satisfaction they want and would no longer bother you.
  3. It gives buyer the freedom to walk through the house virtually. Virtual tour gives the buyer the feeling of walking through the property privately. They can savor the moment without interruption and this tour can help them feel how it is to live there. When you trigger the buyers’ emotion, be prepared to take them to the final steps.

It is unimaginable not to have a virtual tour in your listing. This marketing strategy eases up the selling process for both the buyers and sellers.

If you are not an IT graduate and you do not know about software, there are companies that can create a virtual tour for you in an instant, if you don’t have one yet. Ask for their portfolio so you can be sure that they create high definition virtual tours. Also see to it that it can be viewed at any devices.

Once you have a professional looking virtual tour, leads will come flowing in your real estate website. Making your customer happy should be your number one objective because when they are happy, they will most likely love to make business with you and they will even encourage their friends and family members to make a transaction with you as well. Make a happy customer now!

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